About us

VATTEL is a consultancy with expertise in public policy and social media. We provide targeted content communications, association management, campaign and social media services.

Our passion is for efficient, inclusive, open and result-orientated communications online.

Our current clients are from manufacturing industries, energy, luxury goods, public sector, education and culture. We work with established organisations and businesses, and have supported the creation of new ones.

Social Media

We are not interested in social media 'hype' or technical jargon, but we deliver visible and measurable results, fast and where it matters. We are the leaders in professional use of social media.

Vattel provides training and support in social media content and community management (research and writing for social media, community growth, hashtags and references, social media campaigning, realtime communications, analytics and reporting, community segmentation and engagement, social media geo-targeting, multipliers - identification and engagement tools and social media security).

In addition we provide advertising setting up and monitoring services (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Ads).

Vattel partners with innovation leaders in events management (Soonfeed) and social media analysis (Tribalytics). All our services are confidential. Our team is in Brussels and London.

Other Services

Board level services: Vattel conducts a systemic review of the effectiveness of your organisation and engagement tools used. We produce tailored advice and support on improving your membership (structure and growth), operational business models, market positioning (competitors) and strategy/tools for maximum EU influence.

Management level services: Vattel provides advice and support in membership relations, internal and external communications optimisation, events (formats and implementation), political and content marketing, media relations and engagement with policy makers.

Campaign and project services: Vattel team provides and facilitates tailored content communications. These range from EU-funded project communications support to individual commercial campaigns.


Vattel developed B2P® ('business to policy') concept and facilitated creation of the new format of European association. With setting up Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes in 2011 (EEIP) we changed the landscape of energy lobbying.. and much more.

EEIP is the biggest and fastest growing organisation working on energy efficiency. It has European Union support and recognition, received award nominations, high media coverage, and engagement with over 50,000 members and partners.

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Read more on the background of the B2P and EEIP in an interview with Dusan Jakovljevic, Vattel founder.


Vattel provides content communications and campaign services for European organisations, trade associations, and companies. Our team provides result-orientated advice and practical support in effective use of social media tools. Our speciality is social media targeting, community management based on evaluating and applying probabilities of engagement.

With our unique strategy of public relations support, targeted communications (online-offline) and trust building, Vattel is since 2010 the leader in the modern and proactive EU policy representation and advocacy.

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Combining traditional trade association with social media community building, Vattel has developed the first freemium-type business model for EU policy organisations – ‘business to policy’ B2P®.

Based on this concept of the direct business to policy (B2P) engagement, Vattel has founded Energy Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EEIP) in 2011. EEIP is the first horizontal, issue-focused, free-membership organisation that grew into the biggest interest community in Europe with over 50,000 members. We are currently also involved in health, education and international trade campaigns and projects.

All is changing in EU lobbying!



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Director: Dusan Jakovljevic